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Hey guys!

I just recently decided that i should learn working with UE4,

as my first project I'm working on a Sci-Fi hallway and hoped to get some feedback and maybe here and there a few tips and ticks!

Most of it is still WIP and there are no textures yet




cant find how to enable AA in the viewport, i just used the "High resolution screenshot" function, maybe there is a better way?

Goal is to create a more Industrial / worn out kinda style
Feels like it could use some more pipes, wires and all that jazz

I'm hoping to keep the thread updatet with my progress
(also to stay productive, even though time is sadly limited to a few hours per day)

Kind regards


  • Syrtax
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    Syrtax polycounter lvl 3
    My adventure with UE4 continues!
    Didn't get as much done as i would have hoped, still a few thinks here and there:
    • Wire isnt going just in the wall now and there is a second one
    • Added a grid over the glowing pit whatever to call it (looks wierd tho, shading in UE4 is so different than i am used to)
    • Tried to get a metallic floor panel but uhh its just black for some reason, defenetly have a lot to learn
    • Overall lighting changes, GI now more orange, also emissive for the floor tiles


    After looking at those screenshots, a bit more powerfull Orange hue at the bottom could be nice.. need to test this tomorrow
    There is a lot of free space, that needs to be filled, but this is all ive got for this evening! :)
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    Look cool but we see nothing :S its way to dark
  • Syrtax
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    Syrtax polycounter lvl 3
    I guess you're right, i'll make it brighter tomorrow!

    Thank you!
  • Beard3D Bandit
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    Beard3D Bandit polycounter lvl 4

    It could be brighter, depends on the mood. You could simply make that pit a lot more intense.

    Explore with:

    1. increasing the ceiling and floor lighting
    2. only the top lights + then only the bottom ones
    3. then try just the pit.

    That should provide you with the direction you want to take your lighting.

    Before you move from them experiments, think of an opportunity for another possible light source. An example being an Industrial lamp propped up on a tri pod.

    This can then lead to a couple of questions that may bring life to your environment such as:

    "ooh, I could have this standalone lamp as a nicely polished prop, but how is this powered?"

    This can then lead to other props that you can have focus on such as a portable generator, or you could simply have a wall mounted power hub with a an attached terminal with a screen and keyboard to route that electric current.

    This is why I love environments, you can go from realizing your environment is too dark, to have a breaking down what your scene needs and bringing it to life.

    Let me know what you think Syartax :D
  • ayoubov
  • Syrtax
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    Syrtax polycounter lvl 3
    Thank you :)

    @Beard3D Bandit

    Thank you, these are some great suggestions,
    made the mistake just to think about "waht could look cool" and not "what will make my environment feel alive"

    I like the idea of bringing it to life just by starting with a light source...
    since work is a bit slow today i may be able to think about a few concepts and try it out later today!

    Thanks again!
  • Beard3D Bandit
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    Beard3D Bandit polycounter lvl 4

    No problem man! I had another glimpse at the scene and imagined like a robotic arm on the ceiling grabbing the cannisters and lowering them into the pit. Just something I imagined that would be sweet. There's no rush, so I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide to do :D

  • Syrtax
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    Syrtax polycounter lvl 3
    I should wear my tinfoil head more often!

    Funnily enough i had the same idea and started blocking out a basic crane arm thingy
    also increased the intensity of the "pit"

    For the rails i thought about leting them run into one of the side arms, like there is something else and gives a feeling off a biger something not only this specific hallway

    With the empty floor i thought about a controll panel for the crane, and with a big powwer supply and cables feeding the rails with power... something like on this concept

    Here a proof of concept image:

  • Beard3D Bandit
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    Beard3D Bandit polycounter lvl 4

    YO! Mate! that looks awesome! Yea, I agree with that. Also man, the orange glow which give that sexy sense of heat with the screens flickering blue could have a very tasty contrast.

    I'm terrible in games, if I see a pipe, I usually follow it and get annoyed if it's a pipe just to be used to break up a large floor. So when I find a pipe that leads to a piece of machinery or happens to be a fuel pump pipe that leads to a vehicle that's hidden away...I feel awesome.

    I'm happy you have the robotic arm, and it reminds me of Ripleys Robotic arm (Alien movie) so +1 internet points from me :D

    Sy, do you have an Artstation page or anything?
  • Syrtax
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    Syrtax polycounter lvl 3
    EDIT: I really REALLY should adjust my screens, its WAY to dark again, sigh

    yeah, besides the robot arm i had the idea of an exo suit inspired by a power loader from alien, but ... would cost too much time sadly.

    Eh, i have an Artstation page but its not where i want it to be quality wise :S
    (should be in my signature)
    ANYWAY, I havent found time over the weekend but today i had a little bit:

    Startet with the Console / Monitor thingy

    Jusst placed 2 emissive planes in front of the screens to get a feeling for it.
    But its waaaay to bright, need to tone it down a bunch.
    And there are now rails for two robotic arms (left and right)

    I feel like there is too much going on on the left side of the image and its kinda unbalanced. (also those lensflares, ugh)

    Next thing would be refining all my assets (make them look good :P) creating uv's and high polys ..i guess

  • Beard3D Bandit
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    Beard3D Bandit polycounter lvl 4

    Very nice! Regarding you being worried about having 'too much' on one side, this CAN be a good and bad thing.

    1. Having an asymmetrical environment can provide a more appealing sense of exploration for the viewers etc.

    2. You could devote the left side to being the busiest side (moving arm, terminal) and the right side can be your Zen/ Safe zone for your workers.

    In very busy and dangerous Industrial areas where moving machinery is involved, having a bit of empty space is usually necessary. Now it's time to think 'Hmm, how can I show space not currently being occupied, but show that it is still necessary to the environment.

    When I look at this I think, 'surely, those canisters are incredibly heavy enough, for a need to have a crane arm to pick them up, rather than taking them down by hand'. You couldn't have a forklift, due to the size of the room and the piping on the floor.

    So what about some kind of system on the right, that brings these to your room here? A conveyor belt system? Or what about a lift. Your guy can then possibly have some kinda of large industrial trolley ready to move it.

    This is another thing I love about environments, once you have your lighting, it's time to think logistics and energy.

    Thanks for sharing more of this man! Loving it!

    Also, your Artstation link isnt showing :(

  • Beard3D Bandit
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    Beard3D Bandit polycounter lvl 4
  • Syrtax
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    Syrtax polycounter lvl 3
    didnt have much time the last days but I am still working on it!

    As much as I like your idea with the belt system, unfortunately due to the lack of free time I cant do it rn :(
    For now refining assets and texturing has a higher priority!

    I learned a lot about modularity and so i changed my wall tiles etc to hide seams, still bot happy with the floor tile though, but getting there!

    ...just realized.... the barrels somehow don't have a shadow  :|


    As allways: Would love some c&c :)
  • Beard3D Bandit
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    Beard3D Bandit polycounter lvl 4
    Ayy! Nice work on the little canisters, I love them! Yeah, it's okay man. maybe having a belt thing would be TOO much for the scene, so not doing it may benefit your environment. I'm currently working on an environment which I can't wait to get started. Trying my hand at Substance designer, so it's exciting :D 

    Good work though, plus I love the grime on the floor lights, dig it!
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