Retro FPS Weapon - Strife Punch Dagger

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Yes, this little thing:





I'm doing this tiny piece for a texturing class.
My workflow for this sculpt:

- Basemesh
- Preliminary sculpt in relaxed pose
- Autoretopo
- Pose the retopologized model, transfer sculpted detail back via displacement map
- Final sculpt

This workflow did cause some UV stretching and some parts of the mesh are too extremely deformed to comfortably work on (the fingers partially self-intersect). The retopo step in between sculpts was probably unnecessary considering Mudbox has it's own tools for quick poses. I wonder how people tackle posed sculpts?

Finally some material tests. V-ray's skin shader looks good but I'm having difficulty with the specular, it is showing up in places where my eye tells me it shouldn't, I suspect the low res geo and normal map are at fault.


A shout out to the helpful users of this forum who years back gave me invaluable pointers on how to paint digitally, you guys set me on the right path so I think a big "thank you" is long overdue!


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