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[KF2] - Skin - Primal AA-12

I started with the concept of something murderous in the jungle, and combining it with primitive art. I made this as a mockup-
I followed the concept as closely as I could, but the flashlight was in the way of the snake's head.
I decided to leave the ribs as an abstract decoration. After this, I replaced the external assets with my own. I redrew the snake head, ribs, and camouflage, and took a picture of an arrowhead I have. (Can post picture on request)

I'm the happiest with the camouflage- I didn't think I could like one more than the concept until this was finished.
By repeating the same 4 ribs many times, I drew the snake in a new position. Afterwards, I added blood stains from a previous owner of the weapon. By that time, I was ready enough to submit.
and here's the final texture sheet-

NOTE- I tried to join the forum on the 18th, which was a mistake. This is as soon as I've been allowed to post.


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