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[KF2] - Item - Crown

Hello Polycount!

Due to intensive month I was not able to begin my contest entry before yesterday. Currently running full steam, powered by energy drinks after a little less than 30 hours of staying awake.

I decided to make a crown. And everyone knows the British crowns have the most style. Definitely fit for a king.

Here's my reference sheet:


I wasn't so sure if I could get this done in time, but it starts to look like something. Here's some work in progress pictures of the model:

The first try, it ended up being too big. I ended up making the space between ornaments smaller and I used flare a bit differently. But this did definitely show the way for the final model.


Testing the newer version on a character model provided.


At this point I stopped to think whether I should continue the original concept, or go more of a crown and helmet combination. In this, the crown would be worn on top of a small helmet. This would also provide more cover from the incoming Zed attacks.

I was also reading from the wrong sheet, I though the tricount should be 2000, not 3000 which it really is.


I got the original concept to fit the polycount! Yay! Right before a friend told me I read it wrong.


After receiving the right information, some loops to the top part were added, and crown's edges were beveled. Below is the final model.



Now about to unwrap, and move on to texturing.


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