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Nostromo Bridge from Alien 1979

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Hey guys, this is a project I'm doing for a uni assignment for a module called "Environment Modelling for Games"

The whole point of the assignment is to try to make modular assets for a game and recreate a room or hallway from a sci-fi movie. I choose the bridge from 1979's Alien spaceship USSC Nostromo. And yes I know this has been done a few times but since I'm a huge fan of the series I though I'd give it a go and hopefully live up to the standards.

Most of the reference shots are taken directly from the movie, some of the wider shots and some maquettes are taken from the propsummit.com website and some details are the expansion pack of the Alien Isolation game (With all that how could you ever fail, right ? hahaha)

Any and all comments are most welcomed, and any advice is highly appreciated. I'm not very 3d savvy since my background is mostly in 2d illustration and concept art.

Here's the first part of the project: whiteboxing the scene.



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