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[KF2] - Item - Helmet for the bloody games

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Characterr vertex
Hello! My name is Ilya i'm an aspiring cg artist, albeit belatedly but still decided to take part in the competition.
10th of October collected reference design on the same day began to take the first workpiece to sculpt (the time is short, and I decided to develop an item in the course). Here are the first-blank kind of 3D sketches.
On the second day I finished adding the conceptual details and started doing sculptural. 12,13,14 October I have been sculpting. that's what happened.
Yesterday and today worked on retopologiyu while
I realized that you can not make the grid rather kachestvennoy- decided to abandon it altogether and make a face mask.
Tomorrow I hope to finish the normal map and the AO and I will work on textures.
I really hope that you like my idea for the subject, and I hope to have time to finish everything before the end of the contest.
I apologize for my english:\


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