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WIP HS-9 Handgun

polycounter lvl 4
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RaPtoR_v9600 polycounter lvl 4
After 3 months of inactivity i returned to max again for fun and just to get moving i made great gun from Croatia its HS-9, very nice gun.

And its my first hand held weapon ever, any feed back is appreciate

Thank You



  • Ellis
    hey Raptor can you make the picture abit bigger cant see all the details
  • killnpc
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    killnpc interpolator
  • Tim Lewis
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    Tim Lewis polycounter lvl 6
    Looking at the images on your blog, I'd say the model and normal map look good. The materials feel like they could use some extra attention.

    The metal slide and polymer frame don't feel different enough from each other. They look like they are both using the same gloss values.

    The magazine seems to have a really high albedo value, which is killing any reflections. It's also lacking the directional grain you'd see on stainless steel.

    Lastly, try adding some wear to the gun. Plastic discolors, metal slides get scratched, grip patterns get worn down, and magazines get scuffed with use. Little details like that can really help.

    Keep going!
  • RaPtoR_v9600
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    RaPtoR_v9600 polycounter lvl 4
    @killnpc, Ellis Oh thank you for pointing out for images :)

    Thank you TimTimSalaBim for feedback, in fact i was going for that clean look like new gun.
    And you are right looking at the pictures metal frame and grip are almost the same.
    Its funny how after couple of days i look at images again and think this could be done better
    But i will add pas of dirt and scratches to see if it looks better
  • JamesBrady
    Really nice silhouette dude :). Are you using PBR materials or last gen 'spec/gloss etc'. Its a good starting point but there's alot you can do this with piece especially when it comes to using your gloss/metalness maps to give it more definition Ie 'finger prints etc'.

    Id totally pump up those maps and perhaps rough it up more?. Your bakes are spot on! but perhaps increase the contrast to make em pop! :)
  • The Rizzler
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    The Rizzler polycounter lvl 9
    in fact i was going for that clean look like new gun

    Fair enough, but I honestly feel the gun would look more interesting visually if it was 'battle tested' rather than 'factory new' to go by csgo lingo
    With more scratches and wear on the weapon you could exert more artistic control over how it looks and make it even more 'your own'. I think to truly achieve the factory new look you'd need extremely high fidelity textures or maybe even photogrammetry to pull it off without looking bland
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