Smoothness Issue in ZBrush

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I'm importing this model into ZBrush from Max. For some reason some parts smooth correctly but other parts remain looking like they are not completely smooth. Is there something I am not doing correctly when exporting the model from Max? The model in ZBrush allows me to subdivide about 3 times before it gets to 3 million polys.

Also I've also had the issue were those low poly details/artifacts on the high poly sculpt would transfer onto my normal map once I bake it down to the low poly.



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    Mmmm it's hard to tell without checking the wireframe: could you show us an image of the wireframe in Max and (maybe) one of the polygroups in ZBrush? :)

    Btw at the moment the possible issues that pop in my mind are or a smoothing group issue or an "edge "proximity" issue (meaning that you have edge quite close one to each other and so when subdividing in ZBrush you will get those visible hard lines), but I kind of guess that you already checked and excluded those. :(

    Also do you export using obj or fbx? I ask this becuase recently I had some weird issues/artifacts using fbx to import a mesh in ZB that I don't get when using obj.
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    It's likely just a density issue. Zbrush doesn't smooth between vertex normals, so it keeps things nice and faceted until you subdivide it to the point where the faces become so small that they just appears to blend together. If the seat has denser/small polygons to begin with compared to the body, then it will appear smoother sooner.

    The main issue is that you probably have the entire model as one mesh. So when you subdivide one thing, you're subdividing it all (mirrors, handles, tires, etc). 3 million polygons might not mean much to that circled area if 95% of those polygons exist elsewhere on the model. If the model were to be broken up into individual parts/subtools, you'll be able to locally subdivide areas independently of each other with greater control (plus it lets you work with more polygons in zbrush).
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    Great idea cryid, I have no idea why I didn't think of splitting it up in ZBrush. It's split up in Max, but then I just grab the whole thing and export it as an obj.

    But I can easily split using polygroups. Thanks so much guys!
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