3ds Max custom icon sets (maya Inspired)

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Because I use both Maya and 3ds Max (that has some really crap default icons) and I love Maya shelves, I decided to create several new 3ds Max icons sets to be able to have some decent icons in 3ds Max as well.
To do this I used both some original Maya 2016 factory icons as well as some of Nightshade v2.0 icons (Martin Dahlin has been so kind to allow me to use the new Nightshade icons, so many thanks Martin!): some of them as they are, while many others have been reused to generate brand new icons (and some other have been created from scratch).

Once completed the sets I thought that maybe somebody else here on Polycount might found them useful.

Custom Icons 1 (mainly modeling tools)
- Icons Preview
- Download (.rar)

Custom Icons 2 (mainly modeling tools)
- Icons Preview
- Download (.rar)

Custom Icons 3 (mainly load,save,import icons)
- Icons Preview
- Download (.rar)

UV Tools (mainly UV and UV Editor tools)
- Icons Preview
- Download (.rar)

The following images show a preview of most of the icons (some unfortunately were still grayed out because inactive in the moment I grabbed the screenshots):
- Custom 1, 2, 3 preview
- UV Tools preview

To install the icons sets you have to copy the 3 .bmp files that you find in each .rar file (16i, 24i,32i) in the following

Keep 3ds Max closed while copying the icons sets in the folder (or remember to close the program and open it again once done).
Once in 3ds max then you will be able to select the icons to customize you user interface, as shown below


I hope this helps. :)


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