[Retrogasm] Sydney from Vagrant Story

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Hi guys,

I'm participating in the Retrogasm contest and am looking for some helpful feedback.

I'm making Sydney, from Vagrant Story :


Here's what I got so far :




  • Artist_in_a_box
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    Oh my god that was one hell of an amazing game! Totally unappreciated and before its time!

    Looks good to me though Sydney in my mind was always really skinny, like almost unhealthy skinny which made him all the more interesting as it was directly contrasting with his power.

    I would love to do an Ashley Riot model! 'i am the reinforcements'

  • Popol
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    Yeah, I couldn't really figure out from the concept or the ingame model if Sydney was skinny or just very lean. So I just went for the classic lean body type that we often see in the typical handsome male japanese characters.
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