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Brian "Panda" Choi quad damage
Hey Polycount:


I want to ask ya'll for your thoughts, critiques, and specifically impressions of my portfolio as it stands, especially from a recruiter/lead/art director perspective.

I'm on the job hunt for a full-time character artist position that will at least let me work with a team till ship, but that's been elusive since I ended uni. It's mostly been short contracts here and there, fortunately. If anyone has additional questions, I can definitely answer them if it helps with your analysis.

Thank you for your time in advance!


  • Blond
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    Blond polycounter lvl 4
    I'd like to put my critic but can't since I don't have any relevant professional background however I really like it. Both the layout and the work.

    I'm not too much a fan of the female model at the bottom though, it needs a bit more work but the rest is great in terms of stylized character.:D
  • Stinkfoot
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    Stinkfoot polycounter lvl 7
    I agree with blond there's a nice array of complete models with good presentation, but the bottom one feels more like a WIP and you've got enough good stuff on there to afford to remove it.

  • PolyHertz
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    PolyHertz interpolator
    Nice presentation. A few thoughts:

    -Get rid of the model at the bottom.
    -You need better, and far more substances, if you're going to have a section for them (the only one you show is very basic).
    -The 'La Mantis' characters wires badly need optimisation (http://i.imgur.com/ldTL610.jpg)
    -Blood Elfs skin look overexposed.
    -Red Star Trader needs a less abrupt scalp/hair transition (http://i.imgur.com/kja1XwX.jpg)
  • Joao Sapiro
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    Joao Sapiro polycounter
    i would add the weapons to the respective character on the same page, like the weapons for jinx on the same page, also try to put them all on one image , a 1080p would be enough, a mistake i see lots of people doing nowadays is lots of images for either simple props or a character, i would advise having the posed char , a wireframe and the material textures ( except the normal map , i dont get why people put the normal map displyed , nobody can read the normal info unless to spot mistakes on shading but that will look good due to the bakes. )

    tl:dr : less images, per projects , lots of images will make it tedious to scroll down to stuff that could be easily condensed to ne image

    Things i would not post :

    The maestros section , its suuper long fr something simple of 2 smallish characters that dont showcase properly your skills.

    Bike life , i know it was contract work , but the anatomy is funky in most of them ( not stylized , i mean funky as in the volumes look weird and so do the eyes) imo brings down the quality of the folio , except this one : http://i.imgur.com/wwI2hUG.jpg

    The falchion interceptor is a wip and therefore shouldnt be there

    Genera notes :

    most of the wires you post from the models are badly optimized as in too many tris , or polysoup on man deformable areas , either remove the wires or try to fix it as it showcases polywaste .

    Get a better domain name , right now i wont remember your websites name , it reads as unprofessional ( blogspot as a portfolio only if you are an established "rock star" )

    The logo in a white background is an eyesore on a dark themed website, brings it down as it makes it look amateurish. Simplify stuff.

    now get to work dude ! hope i helped !
  • stickadtroja
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    stickadtroja polycounter lvl 7
    most important critique i could think of, is you need to get better at faces. most of them has the same disproprtionate almost cartoony sizes to eyes, nose and mouth. i recommend focusing on that, both in 2d and sculpting, for a while and do a bunch of studies.
    your props, for example the weapons to jinx has a much higher level. i really like those. good shapes and textures as far as i can see.

    why are you labeling yourself solely as character artist? that easely the most compeditive position, maybe it would be a smart move to widden your aspirations to props or enviro aswell. maybe it could be a way to your ultimate goal of character artist anyway, start as props/enviro artist to get a foot in.
  • Tidal Blast
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    Tidal Blast polycounter lvl 4
    I really enjoyed the variety and quality of your overall portfolio. Good job man! On a side note, here are a few thoughts.

    The Atom character and art style is an awesome idea, great thing to have in your portfolio, but the character design, I believe, limits the end result. The character model is a bit too simplistic and might just give a ''beginner'' vibe, especially when we look at the legs. So, not simplistic in the "Pixar" sense, really in the it could be pushed further. And I would also encourage you to spend more time on the texturing for a well-rounded presentation. Hand painted, realistic, whatever.

    I agree with the others, would be nice to see more substances. Get better at doing faces and get rid of that WIP character at the bottom. And it sure wouldn't hurt to show some props/environment stuff to open the door to more opportunities if needed. Life is harsh, it's good to be prepared if something happens.

    Minor stuff I would say, congrats for your portfolio, it's cool.
  • Brian "Panda" Choi
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    Brian "Panda" Choi quad damage
    Thanks everyone! Taking notes as we go along :)
  • Blond
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    Blond polycounter lvl 4
    About the Atom character, I think the model itself is fine, interms of complexity and design, the biggest flaw is lack of texture detail.
  • Dudestein
    Moved this thread to 3D showcase & critiques.

    Website has an amateurish design sense to it. This casts immediate doubt on your eye for aesthetics. If you're not comfortable designing a site from scratch, there are a lot of options out there, from Artstation (free) to things like Squarespace and Wordpress.

    You tend to use overly grungy, distracting, backgrounds in your presentation sheets. Also your sense of composition in your sheets seems lacking. Like with the site design, if presentation layout isn't your strength, then take a "less is more" approach. Also, start keeping an inspiration folder specifically for presentation sheets. Things you can tap for ideas on backgrounds, layout, typography, etc. Keep successful examples for stylized characters, naturalistic characters, robots, and everything in between. Try and dissect WHY they are successful. Why did they use that particular typeface? How much negative space are they leaving around the subject? If they added other design elements, give those some analysis as well.

    I would loose the "panda" thing both in logo and graphics. I understand the desire to personalize your portfolio, but it honestly strikes me as irrelevant and unprofessional. Some may feel that's harsh, but I stand by it. Think of most professional artists you personally look up to. Do they have cutsey graphics and nicknames? Maybe a few, but I would wager that they are the exception.

    Overall I think you have good ideas, you're just a young artist who is still working on executing those ideas in ways that resonates with an audience. Everyone goes through that, and most of us will spend our entire lives refining our eye, so don't feel bad about it, just keep at it and learn from others.
  • remotecrab131
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    remotecrab131 polycounter lvl 3
    from Artstation (free) to things like Squarespace and Wordpress.



  • jarsef
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    jarsef polycounter lvl 2
    Hey Panda,

    Some really good advice in this thread, and I hope that you don't take any of it too close to heart, but it's all in your best interest as an artist.

    I'd suggest ditching your current setup, grabbing a personal domain name (Godaddy usually has a 1$ for your first year deal), and having redirect to your Artstation page - it's clean, fast, and simple - but the biggest advantage I've found, is that recruiters and art managers can find your stuff very easily.

    Second, I think you've got some pretty solid modeling skills, but seems like you're having a hard time hitting likeness on pretty much all of your fanart characters; I think this is mostly because you've not only decided to go with your own concept, but also your own style/proportions.

    Take a hard look at your characters right now and ask yourself if, as is, do you think they're up to this current gen's standard?

    All in all, I think the biggest advice I can give is to work, work, work. Post your work online frequently, listen to feedback, and just keep working; and honestly, the jobs will eventually start coming to you.

    I hope I didn't sound too harsh, but you honestly have to develop a thick skin to thrive in this industry.
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