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[UE4] Killzone Concept [Environment]

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broScience vertex
Hello Polycount! I am Showing off my Killzone Shadow Fall inspired 3d piece made in Unreal Engine 4, 4.8 and this is my first real attempt at an environment. For this piece I really wanted to take the concept painting and replicate it as much as possible to a 3D form. Overall I learned a lot from this process, however I have tapped out my wealth of knowledge and am looking for feedback on how I can take this piece to the next level!

If you have any examples of other artwork that you feel could give me inspiration or serve in explaining anything please feel free to post them in this thread.

This is my first thread so I apologize if stuff is not sorted traditionally.



Original Concept:
Karakter Design Studio


Back to me





As always with me I like to get a little funky with graphic design



  • broScience
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    broScience vertex
    Sorry about that I am new. The thread looks good now though.
  • leleuxart
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    leleuxart polycounter lvl 10
    This is a great start, especially for your first environment. I personally prefer the darker concept with the localized lighting, however. If you were to continue with how you have it, I'd tone down the bloom quite a bit and tone down the light behind the camera. Having the darker foreground like in the concept helps put more emphasis on the door, which it seems like you have a pretty detailed model there so I'd show that off more.

    And also increase the resolution of the lightmap/bake lights in production/set your engine to Epic settings so your shadows aren't blocky like in the 4th image down. Keep it up :thumbup:
  • Fansub
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    Fansub sublime tool
    Great start indead ! modeling and texturing are both well executed,but like leleuxart said you need to work on the atmosphere of your scene to catch the mood of your concept.

    EDIT : Just to give you a preview of what the mood should like imho,here is a quick edited screenshot of your scene :

  • amirabd2130
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    amirabd2130 polycounter lvl 7
    looking forward to this
  • cgBrad
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    cgBrad polycounter lvl 5
    Agree with the others, the bloom is too much.
  • Shyralon
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    Shyralon polycounter lvl 9
    The environment itself looks very good, but the presentation still needs some work.
    First of all, as already mentioned it's way to bright compared to the concept and the bloom is too much. But what bother me a lot too is the very strong blur/depth of field effect. I would either remove it completly or atleast make it VERY subtle.
    But with a few more changes this will be a great piece!
  • clinington
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    clinington polycounter lvl 7
    Nice start, really solid modeling and textures. I agree with everyone else about the bloom, it's currently too much and overall your lighting could be tweaked a bit to better match the concept. Great work so far though :D
  • broScience
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    broScience vertex
    Thanks everyone for the awesome feedback and kind words! The critiques are really great!

    Thank you leleuxart and clinington I completely agree and thanks a ton Fansub for the visual reinforcement!! It really helps me.

    I will also tweak the bloom and depth of field blur to find a more appealing balance.

    This is great stuff, thanks a lot!!!
  • broScience
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    broScience vertex
    Hey everyone! Here is my update after the helpful critiques. I mainly messed around with the Post Process and added particle effects for this and now the scene feels more cinematic. I am definitely liking the ambiance created from this lighting, even though I am losing modeling detail.

    Let me know if the bloom is still to much or if anything else should be tweaked.



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