A few character related questions

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Hiya, I have a few questions that hopefully you kind folk here would be able to shed some light on;

- For my characters skin/head I paint my pre-texture first in Zbrush/Photoshop to be manipulated further later, how do I properly go about using existing diffuse maps? Right now I'm creating a custom Material with the albedo texture loaded and that's great when applied, question I have is how to do I get DDO to create a proper gloss map from this? Right now it's using the albedo map which of course doesn't look correct.

- This one is the biggie, but how do you guys get detail into the normal maps from the albedo etc?... right now I can't seem to get the normal maps to update with the information from loaded materials such as cloth/leather e.t.c, I know I'm missing something here but don't know where to look to get my answers.

Thx for any help


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