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Blade Runner/Cyberpunk Streets

polycounter lvl 5
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JoshVanZuylen polycounter lvl 5
Hey Polycount!

I have not done a wip in forever, so I think I'm going to jump on this now...
I'm aiming for the middle of Blade Runner and Cyberpunk 2077.


Heres a reference board that happened:

Started last weekend past so I have done some bits.

I'm thinking I will throw all the assets into UE4 so I can get a refresher in that as well. Should be able to get some nice results! (....I hope....)

Current goal is to get half the street looking mad so I don't go "mad" from all the modeling before I start the other. Also might give me some ideas on how to go about designs and such. Should be pretty fast to set dress if I have some small props ready to go too!

Cant wait hear peoples Ideas!


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