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Looking for a 3D artist willing to work on hobby projects in spare time

Hi there!

I am looking for a 3D artist willing to work on hobby projects in spare time.

About myself:
I am an experienced enterprise systems developer, with most of experience in .NET/C# technology stack and I know a lot about software architecture and working in a team.
In my spare time I like to experiment with technologies and learn new stuff.
My timezone is GMT0, I speak fluently english, romanian and russian, can read french.
I prefer skype for communication, but can use any other system.

What is required from you:
At least ability to design low-poly models (no or little animation to begin with), a lot of desire to improve and good communication skills.

What needs to be done:
We will start with a small game, working on it in our spare time. The main aim is to gain experience. The monetization is not a priority - but if it will happen you will get a substantial share. Apart from that you can build your portfolio and will be able to use the project for any showcase or reuse its assets elsewhere.
For this game you will need to design a set of low-poly alien space ships. Be ready to discuss stuff and provide explanations about your decisions - even if I won't like something - I am always open for discussion and I will make sure to provide clear arguments about my opinion so we can find a compromise together. More projects will follow if we will form a good team.

I won't be able to pay you for this work - however I can sort out any necessary expenses, like site hosting, servers, any OS/software setup, etc, so this should not require any expenses from your side.

If this sounds interesting - pm me with a description of yourself, your skills and what do you expect from such collaboration (maybe I did not mention something?).

Thank you for attention! ;)
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