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Hey people, hopefully someone can help me with this. I have a modular wall that I want to texture using substance designer/painter. When I uvmap it, its not square. Now I know if I stretch it to fill the entire 0-1 space I will get stretching, however if I render 2-1 ratio will this offset this? How would you approach this? the idea is to utilise tiling textures with decals.



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    Your island doesn't look exactly half, so going 2:1 probably won't help.
    You could break the asset up unto 2 textures and split the UV's accordingly so you map them to 0 - 1.
    Or if it's not to much effort revisit your mesh and make your mesh more appropriate for UVing instead of trying to fix it after.

    That being said though, you said you want to use a tiling texture, this UVing should be fine, as long as you get decent mileage out of the one texture, then you could justify that empty space.
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