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3ds Max 2015 issues (win 10 related?)

polycounter lvl 6
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Vizmund polycounter lvl 6
So I recently did a clean install of Windows 10, and re-installed 3ds Max 2015. Everything worked great for a week or so, and then things started working not so well.

The file menu, when clicked on, takes about 5-10 seconds to open, then any interaction takes another 5-10 seconds to register. It also tends to freeze for 5 or so seconds most times I switch between tools, or selection methods, making working nearly impossible.

I have read that reducing the recent files displayed to 0 should solve it - it does not. I have also read that disabling aero in windows should fix the issue, but win10 does not have an 'aero' setting, and disabling transparencies does not fix it.

I have installed the 3 service packs, to no avail. The strangest thing, and what leads me to believe it is not necessarily a windows 10 problem, is that after doing a complete re-install of 3ds Max, everything worked great for about a week and a half, almost the same amount of time as previous, until the issues arose.

EDIT: So I switched to legacy Direct3D, and everything is running smoothly. For some reason, I thought I was using OpenGL when running on Win8... Sorry for my stupidity, ignore this thread I guess.
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