I made a game: Pirate Pop

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Pirate Pop is a solid authentic GameBoy game where Pang, meets Gravity for frantic action!

You awaken on a strange island sometime in the afternoon, half your face is sunburnt and seagulls stole your lunch. Enough about you. This is about Pete Jr, who also woke up on a mysterious island (probably unrelated).

Pete looks up in to the sky to see bubbles, tons of them! What's causing these bubbles to appear? Who is behind this awful mischief?

Play to find out!


This game was built in 7 days, using unity and C#, as part of the #GBjam 2015, as an authentic 4 colour, 8-bit Game Boy game. Voting for this game jam ends on August 26th 2015. (if you are reading this before then feel free to give me a vote!)


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