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Weapon With Physics Object

Short Version: In TF2 I want to recreate how the L4D2 Gnome or TF2 Sandman baseball bat & ball functions for a custom game mode.

Long Version: I want to create an object that an be tossed around and picked up by all players. I want it to function as a weapon so you commit to holding (temp swap out of primary weapon) and hitting the fire button will toss it so then any player can grab it next (with your primary coming back up).

Simply put, is it not possible for me to just take the gnome "weapon" from L4D2 and port that into TF2 changing the model? From what I gather, making a custom weapon for TF2 is limited to merely model replacements?

It sounds like I'm trying to do something complicated but really I just want to take the L4D2 Gnome or TF2 Sandman (minus the bat) to have an object that be thrown around w/ viewmodel support. I'd like to do it as a weapon if possible as opposed to hacking around in SourceMod since, given my above examples, this already has been done in the engine.

Thanks in advance and much appreciated. I know this is mostly a CG forum but since a lot of you guys are making weapons, among many other things, maybe you have some insight for me for the piece I'm missing!


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