3D character or Illustration for a career working as a freelancer?

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Mateus interpolator

I have big interest in two disciplines of digital arts. I like 3D characters and 2D illustrations (mostly characters too). I've been doing a little of soul searching and trying to do both at the same time, but it seems impossible to decide which one to pick. I have only 2-3 hours of free time on weekdays to put into art learning and I have to choose only one to be able to progress well.

I want to make it as a freelancer if possible, because I'm not much the nomad kind of person. I would move only for something really interesting, like working on a company that I admire, but this would be extremely hard as I don't own a degree to get the visa. So, which one would be a better choice based on my aim to be working from home? (I think I'm much better at 3D at the moment).

You can see my current 3D character here: http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?t=153075
And here some 2D sketches: http://i.imgur.com/72qtVcl.jpg

I don´t have much to show because of my hiatus from art. I'm coming back now as I've made the decision of working with digital art someday.

Maybe someone can come up with some words to help me on my decision.

Thanks in advance. :poly136:


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