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City 17 Apartment/Stairwell - UE4

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'Edit - Download the scene in UE4 here!'

Hey all!

Not posted up a new thread in ages.. Been super busy with work and not really had a great deal of time to work on anything really. However, over the past few months I've been coming back to this one particular scene, which is a re-creation of a small section of HL2 in UE4.

I've chosen one of the apartment stairwells to re-make, primarily just because I wanted to try making a small environment getting out of my usual sci-fi comfort zone, and I want to attempt to make a scene entirely using Substance Designer and Painter. I'm also going to expand this scene into an exterior too as that will be good fun! I'm not giving myself any time limit on this scene, I just want to have fun with it in my spare time.

So far, I've only used Photoshop for a few little decals on the paint cans and fizzy drink cans. Everything here so far has been textured in Designer so far. However, I've started to use Painter and I'm thinking of switching my material library over to Painter to start getting some more unique detail in there!

Anyway, here's my plan for what's left:
  • Block-out exterior. I have started on the Attic section, but I want to expand on this and create an exterior including a City 17 vista and streets down below. Lots to do for this!
  • So far I've only been blocking out materials and only really started on creating props. I want to add a little more unique detail such as plaster decals, paint decals and just generally break up the surfaces a bit more.
  • Make loads more props for the interior! Cardboard boxes, carpets, rugs, more junk such as takeaways boxes, trash, newspapers etc.
  • More HL2-specific stuff. I've got the basics in and next I want to re-create some Combine posters and eventually, get more Combine machinery in this scene.

Edit - Latest and final screenshots!










And a couple of shots showing how big this scene turned out to be in the end!




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