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[PAID] self-taught, also looking for 3d artist/game designer, teacher

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I am looking for a 3d artist/game designer to teach me on a regular basis. I started an open source project to bring about a vision similar to what The Venus Project/Zeitgeist Movement advocate. I have written out the socio-economic design specifications for the system and I am now in the phase of modeling out the city and placing it in a game engine so that people can interactively experience it. FYI, I have no association with the venus project, and the project I started has a different name & website.

I am working with the following software:
World Machine (beginner)
Photoshop (intermediate)
Substance Painter & bitmap2material (beginner)
3ds Max (intermediate)
Cryengine (primarily working with this), but eventually I want to duplicate the city in unreal engine (so that in the end it is simulated in both engines - I am new to game engines, but have gone through several tutorials, and I have a fairly good understanding of cryengine's features and functioning)
I am looking for someone very familiar with these programs and workflow to teach me on a regular basis. I am not expecting you to produce/create anything, but if you have an interest in creating this sort of city and would like to contribute I/we would very much appreciate it. All the work on the project's website that I created is open and free, as will be the interactive city, when complete. It will not be sold.

The sessions can be on Skype or google hangout.
I will pay a decent price, just let me know what sort of price you expect for your service. Must be available once a week, preferably twice a week. I am presently working with one other person on this project. Would there be a difference in price if it was just me versus if this other person attended the teachings also? Just FYI, if there was to be any significant price increase for him to join, then he would not be joining and the teachings would only be for me.

If interested, pm me with your portfolio if you have one.
Thank you!

Finally, if you are interested in building this city with me/us, then please do let me know. All the work we do toward this project is made free and open to everyone. We are really doing our best to advance this movement/direction and would love your help. PM me if you are interested in the project's website and possibly collaborating.
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