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WIP - Large flower pot

polycounter lvl 11
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W1r3d polycounter lvl 11

So I have been looking at how do do a lot of different things in Zbrush. And i got cought up with trying to make a flower put like this: artificial_plants_topiary_trees_and_silk_plants__topiary_outdoor_homedecorators.jpg

I don't foresee that i will have any problems sculpting the pot and i don't think texturing it will be difficult either.


I am aware that the leafs don't look exactly the same at the moment. But thats because I am not sure how to solve the leafs yet. The dilemma is this.

If i use polypaint it is dependent on the amount of polys per leaf. And that becomes waaaaaay to many polys in total(my computer can't handle it). If i don't have many polys i can't have the res per leaf that i want.

If i use a fibermesh combined with micromesh i get the mesh results i want but then i don't have any uv's.

Using insert multimesh is the same. It doesn't carry the uv's.

If you have any other solutions i'm all ears. :D
In fact i welcome it.

This will become a game res mesh with game res textures in the end.

Thank you for reading thing and superthanks if you post a reply.


  • cottonmothcrown
    Maybe it's just me but your wip image link is broken
  • W1r3d
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    W1r3d polycounter lvl 11
    Thnx for the heads up cottonmothcrown. Relinked it. Should work now.
  • suspectlogic
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    suspectlogic polycounter lvl 11
    IMM's will keep their UVs if you add a texture to them.

    I used nanomesh and substance designer to make my hedges and I ran into the same issue. At first I was hoping that I could nanomesh full branches around, but the polycount would skyrocket and I wasn't even close to the look I wanted. So I used cones with multiple leaves mapped to each face. The final look is a bit random, but more full than any alternative I've come across.



    dense foliage is tough to pull off without a little smoke and mirrors. I wouldn't consider using individual leaves just yet. You might be able to pull it off with baking a height map on a sphere and using tessellation, but you'll lose any hope of translucency.

    Speed Tree recently came out with a hedge pack that looks decent, might be worth looking at their textures:

  • W1r3d
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    W1r3d polycounter lvl 11
    A dagger and a sword came between me and this flower pot. So it's a smaller update then i hoped for but its a update never the less.
    This is a pretty early WIP shot.


    @suspectlogic - Thank you so much for your post. I like they way your hedges are looking. I think you are onto exactly what kind of method that i want to use. I did some more looking around and after a tip from a friend i found the airborn trees on the polycount wiki. Looks similar to the method that you are using.
  • W1r3d
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    W1r3d polycounter lvl 11
    Another update on the plant foliage.
    I've baked out maps to see if my technique would work as a base for the other leafs so be placed upon. I think i'm quite satisfied with the results.

    There are a few things that created some unwanted results. But that's mainly because i used a test mesh when rendering out the maps.

    I need to remake the mesh and randomize the leafs a bit more. Right now they are a bit too aligned. I also don't see any of the backsides of the leafs. I think that would increase the "dynamicity" ;) of the leafs.

    I will also make the alphas that will be placed on the outside of the bush for fluffyness or flufficity.


  • W1r3d
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    W1r3d polycounter lvl 11
    I'm gonna let this sit here for a night or two. But i'm thinking i'm pretty much done with this one.



    Any comments or critique is greatly appriciated.
  • skodone
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    skodone polycounter lvl 2
    will you upload a marmoset viewer? im eager to check this out in detail cus it turned quite nice!
  • W1r3d
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    W1r3d polycounter lvl 11

    @skodone - Thank you :)
    You can find the marmoset viewer file over at my Artstation.
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