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Steven Universe inspired shades for Demoman

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NESFlint polycounter lvl 3
This is an idea I had recently so I decided to try and make it.

Concept art.

Modelling progress.

I've also done 3 Levels of Detail for the shades I've done so far-

108 Tris

204 Tris

300 Tris

I've talked to a few friends about this but I'd like some more opinions- should I (upon completion) submit just the shades on their own or should I include the wig I made in my concept art aswell?

If the shades alone were the cosmetic, it could be mixed with several other cosmetics for everyone's own unique style, whereas I also think it might benefit from coming with a wig to make the cosmetic feel fleshed out and more of a set piece.

Last note- if anyone knows of a tutorial for making glass textures in the TF2 style then please leave a link, I've found some great tutorials trawling other people's threads but not yet have I found one that covers glass.


  • Stock
    If you decide not to add the hair, then you wouldn't need any alternate levels of detail for the glasses, because the lowest LOD can only have up to 700 tris. And the your model only has 300 tris. So if you don't have the hair, you don't have to use the lower LODs.
  • Ronaaz
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    Ronaaz polycounter lvl 3
    As Stock has said, if you decided to go with just the glasses, you can just use the highest poly model you have, since the limit for the first level is 700.

    Although, it'd probably be cooler if you also did the hair, as the reference to SU would be even more obvious. Although, since you're using old Garnet's style, it won't be as obvious.

    For the glass, I think you're looking for a material, rather than a texture. I do not know it works either, but I think you might be able to create a material (like the paintable ones) and then make a glass one by fiddling with the QC file. If you ever do find out how it properly works, be sure to tell me how you did it! :D
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