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quad damage
Hey Polyocunt!

So I happened across a craigslisting for a used (though description on post: "barely used") Cintiq 22HD w/ an Ergotronic desk arm.

I wanted to ask, besides brute force testing it against Photoshop, ZBrush, etc. what else should I be looking for during the purchase?

Any warranty documents?

Model numbers?

Are warranties still applicable to purcahses like this?

Any Wacom related documents I need in the event the purchase backfires on me?


  • Lamont
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    Lamont polycounter lvl 9
    See if the warranty will transfer from original purchaser to buyer. I noticed this happens with some videocard purchases, be careful.

    Warranty docs are found on the Wacom Website

    I am not sure of 22HD revision numbers.

    If the purchase backfires like how? Doesn't work? I would say try before you buy.

    And if it makes you worried, I would scour the net and local office supply stores for deals and get one new. If it's something you don't need now, just take your time and search.

    Good luck.
  • slosh
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    slosh polycounter
    Is it much cheaper than buying new? Unless it was from a liquidation sale of a company, I would probably just buy new.
  • iadagraca
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    iadagraca polycounter lvl 4
    i've seen used ones of various kinds in the $800 range, i think one was a older model 21X

    EDIT: yeah ebay has a few 21UX for around $800, some higher some lower.
  • Lamont
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    Lamont polycounter lvl 9
    Yeah, I would look for new. I got mine for 150000 yen on sale (down from 220,000). They are going for $1700 now in the States, so I would bet there is one somewhere for $1500, even $1400 somewhere.
  • Odow
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    Odow polycounter lvl 4
    Check it. Mine have a really small hole made by an usb cable that slap on during transport, and really small scratch because of a ring, both of them are almost invisible, but when you start using it, they are pain in the ass, cintiq are really really sensitive so smallest scratch will be detected when you draw so really check and don't believe the " there's 2-3 small scratches but it's nothing" You live with it when you made them yourself but i wouldn't buy a cintiq that has scratch in it even if it's 500$ off Especially if they are in the middle on the thing (DAMN YOU USB CABLE).

    Also i'm pretty sure there's no warranty on cintiq, except if you bought one.

    Test the pen, pen broke so easily, and they cost a fortune (min 100$). It's really hard to know, I would just sign a document with the guy, giving you 1 month to test and if it'S broken he gave you something. By broken i mean, something you'll be drawing and POOF you'll have a "this stylus isn't compatible" or it will just STOP working randomly for 30sec-1min. It's so annoying and i didn'T drop mine that much.

    I think a cintiq is one of those life investment that you're better off putting much money but keeping it much longer. Except if you personnaly know the guy you have NO idea what happen to that cintiq. Barely used could mean the cintiq stayed open for 5 years as a screen.
  • Rwolf
    Just test it through you normal drawing paces, if everything works you should be fine. If your saving a few hundred over new I'd go for it.

    A few random screen scratches might be ok, It depends if it will bother you. I've accumulated a few scratches. You can definitely feel it with the stylus, but usually the tip will never catch on the edge.

    I'm not sure about the HD series, but I know the older cintiq's get hot, so I always leave mine off till I need to use it.

    Never had a issue with my pen, other than the silicon grip "sweating"

    Had my Cintiq since 2009
  • Add3r
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    Add3r polycounter lvl 6
    Wacom has a great refurbishing department from what I have read/heard. If there is minor things wrong with the Cintiq and you can warrant a (I think) $150ish charge + shipping, depending on repairs, they do a full refurb of the product.

    I would obviously do some more research on that before attempting buying one in a less than good condition and thinking of going this route. I read a blog post recently about someone buying a 21UX used and then getting the digitizer sheet, drawing surface, and cable inputs replaced for about 150 total. Came back in a new like state.
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