[Royalty] The Maestros by Systence Games is Hiring Freelancers

quad damage
Hey Polycount!

Systence Games is looking for developers to help finish up The Maestros! We're a group of seasoned (Riot Games, ILM, Blizzard, Microsoft, Disney Interactive, Kabam, etc.) game developers who began development of this project while attending the University of Southern California.

The Maestros (maestrosgame.com) is an online multiplayer RTS (real-time strategy) game set in a humorous fantasy world where you control a commander and his squadron of wildly cuddly and mildly vicious minions. You can play as either the dieselpunk Knights of Teutonia with their clunky, transforming robots or as the futuristic Alchemists of Regalis with their adorable, mutating monsters. It's an RTS without the base-building, resource-mining, or tech-trees; only pure unadulterated action from start to finish! You can learn more about the game on our website and our blog .

We are seeking the following freelance positions:
- Video Editor
- VFX Artists
- Sound Effects Artist
- UI Artist

If you are interested in any of the positions listed above, send over a resume and portfolio/reel/work samples to our Producer Min Htet ([email protected]) with your name and position you're applying for in the subject line!

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