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3D-Coat Retopo: Change Reference Mesh Color and Opacity

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If you like to retopologize by hand and don't like the white shader of the imported reference mesh - it hurts my eyes and is blinding white - and you want to set your reference mesh a lot darker so you can see its details better while creating a new retopo on top of it, here is how you:

Change the Reference Mesh Color and Shader

1. File menu
2. Import for Autopo
3. Select your hipoly reference mesh : OBJ, etc.. -->click OK

4. AutopoParams window comes up. Set these settings:
Quadrangulation Quality: BEST, slowest
CaptureDetails: 100%
Turn OFF Voxelize Before Quadrangulation
Turn OFF Decimate If Above
Turn OFF Hardsurface Retopology

5. AUTOPO Wizard window appears ---> click on CANCEL
6. You reference mesh model is now nice and editable:

Select any Shaders from the right menu.
If the shaders aren't dark enough, right-click them--> Edit current object shader settings
---> Click on Color Modulation
> set your favorite retopo reference mesh color--->OK

You can change the reference mesh OPACITY / TRANSPARENCY as well!!

7. Retopo Menu---> select IMPORT
8. Import your retopo mesh or begin a new retopo by hand
9. When you save this file, 3D-Coat will preserve your reference mesh shader and color settings.

Have Fun! smile.gif


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