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I was glad to hear about this competition. And since I wanted to make a mobile game using iclone to create my content, then export everything into Unity using 3D exchange. I figured this would be a great start.

My game is called Park City Basketball. It is similar to the mobile game Jam City Basketball.


More updates coming soon in the next few hours!


  • hcameron90
    Here is a rough version of the poster

  • hcameron90
    ANIMATION - for the animation I got a lot of inspiration from the popular NBA 2k series as well as older basketball video games. When it comes to the basic motion (shooting, passing, etc) I used key framing for the easier motions, while the rest I used a technique called Rotoscoping. With the high flying dunks and crossovers I used mo-cap then refined the motions with key frames. I created a library of motions packs i.e. dunks, shooting, passing, celebrations, and offense and defense motions for the game.

    Here is a teaser..

    gameplay test


    dunk test

  • hcameron90
    Characters - for this trailer only I used celeygons Eddie basketball content. Since there are 8 teams to choose from, I had to make 8 different jerseys and also a total of 16 faces. Using Photoshop for the jerseys and with the create a face feature in iclone 6, I was able to use one face as a template and create multiple faces in a matter of seconds. However since this particular avartar pack is not compatible for 3D exchange (as far as exporting to unity and is not a one mesh character that is suitable for the size of mobile games. I want to used the new g6 avartars that are one mesh and completely editable //-- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zrc1bQhUB_Y--// but if that is still to much as far as memory, I plan on creating the avartar's in blender and sending the avartar into 3D exchange. Similar to this tutorial.

    PROPS - I am new to blender. But I did learn how to create basic buildings. Once I created the buildings in blender, I exported them into my scenes in iclone. The basketball rack as well as the train bridge. The basketball itself is a prop from iclone with physics attached to it, which was great to create that realistic effect of the ball going through the net. The basketball goal was completely made in iclone. I used the rim and net from (look up city marketplace). But everything else was made using blocks and cylinder props.

    Unity - PCB will be exported from 3dxchange to unity to be coded and then will be available to download for free. Via app store and play Google. Intro - I remember looking on play Google and saw a mobile game that used iclone products including the g3 character trey. I figured that since I saw that I always wanted to create games using iclone and unity. Also this game will be similar to a popular basketball game called "Jam City" // https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.batteryacid.jamcity&hl=en
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    I like the concept i think it is awesome!
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