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Blender problems! Hat misplaced in TF2 after export!

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Kanyl polycounter lvl 4
Hello everyone! :)

Been following HellJumper´s tutorial on YouTube:


I imported the "sniper_reference.smd" model and worked from that head mesh. But after I parent the hat to the bone structure, bind it to "bip_head" and assign the polygons - it all seems perfect inside Blender:


But when I export it as SMD file and preview it in TF2´s "Cosmetics" - it is misplaced:


I have re-done it several times, but the results are always the same! I have apllied rotation, scale and location to 0 as in the tutorial and done everyhing right. I even tried with another model of the sniper and yet it didn't work!

So, anyone know the problem?


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