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Ronaaz polycounter lvl 3
I'm currently working on making some cosmetic items for the engineer (these being my first ever contributions to the TF2 Workshop), but there are some thing involved in the process of publishing it in the workshop that I'm not versed in, and looking for some tips. I'd also be thankful if you guys were able to point me to some tutorials, if you weren't able to write the tips regarding the subject.

(Keep in mind that I use Blender for the creating of the models, in the case that any of these questions have to do with the process of modeling)

So, what I need to know how to do is:

- SFM rendering:
All of the Workshop contributions have images that were taken in SFM to show how the item would look in-engine, and I'd like to be able to do such things. I remember watching Valve's tutorials on SFM, but I'm not sure they were very helpful in helping you create still images with the best quality possible. If I'm mistaken, tell me and I'll go watch them again, if not, well, tips or links to videos that touch on this subject.

- Paintable materials:
Some cosmetics let you use paints to change their appearance. I've seen that, to do this, you need to apply paint materials to objects, but, so far, I've not seen any tutorials that explained how to do this.

I guess that's about it. Any future questions, I'll reply to this thread.

Any help is appreciated! :thumbup:


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