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I've had a lot of time to anticipate my next environment... it will be in PBR and I've been keeping a close eye on programs such as Substance designer and gradually learning PBR... I've got a question to the people who are familiar with cityscape models...

If I were to build a.. for example Castle style kingdom or any building structure in general that sit on 90 degree angles, would you still bake out a high poly normal for the corners of those buildings?

Like the pipeline I've been working out in my head to pursue kind of goes like this?

- model HP modular building blocks - create low-poly & unwrap into individual islands (making sure all islands are to relevant scale of eachother) - bake corner bevel details - in SD or UE4 overlay the building corner detail with the tiling normal map of bricks etc for close up detail -

Would that work? is that how people would do it? I mean I know artists do this for landscapes with rocks/cliffs etc... but would the same pipeline exist for building structures?

If it's not done that way would someone be generous enough to enlighten me what's considered the best workflow to go with? should I not bother baking any normal maps for the corners of my buildings and such?

Sorry there's like a dozen questions within a question here but if anyone can answer that would be very much appreciated :)



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