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  • Mant1k0re
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    Mant1k0re polycounter lvl 8
    Blender 3D Design from TUFTS University

    Okay this is for the stark beginner with 3D in general but it is taught by an actual Uni teacher and as such, it is pretty efficient as far as sticking into memory goes. Each lesson is completed with a project, it's pretty hand-holding at first but then it takes off. If someone is looking for a good introductory class to 3D in general this is the one.

    Even though I ultimately switched to Max this course taught me everything I needed to be ready for bigger things, and one important point, it teaches you to rely on hotkey as much as possible, which is really a good thing.
  • RN
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    RN sublime tool
    Thanks for sharing Mant1k0re.
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