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AlecMoody polycounter
I applied for a job recently and as a result I have been looking closely at my website. I have too much stuff, much of it old content, and I would appreciate help editing it down. I am also debating going to a single page layout as I am having a hard to figuring out how to split things into categories for my newer stuff.

This is my current edit as a single page:

My main site with everything on it for comparison:

I would appreciate suggestions.

Edit: to clarify, I would appreciate people suggesting images I should remove.


  • Lucas Annunziata
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    Lucas Annunziata polycounter lvl 8

    You've got a ton of great content on here, but I definitely agree that it can be pruned down a bit.

    First things I'd put on the chopping block are:
    Borderlands assets - nothing about these really stand out.
    Reel Racing - seems a bit lower quality than the rest of the folio
    Blue Car - only a high poly? Not in a game?
    Poker table - I dunno.

    The images are super large, which is great, but it does take a looong time to scroll through it. I'd suggest either sticking with your grid thumbnail landing page, or consider breaking up the flow with some smaller images? I like the current thumbnail layout as it allows you to show more of your breakdowns of each asset. I recently redid my site to have 2 - 4 smaller thumbnail images every so often to break up the flow on a single page, so perhaps do 1-2 LARGE images, then thumbnails of the breakdowns?

    If you're sticking with the one page layout, I think you'd want to reorder these. That first image has got to hook me! As it stands, I'm not really a fan of the forest rock and would consider cutting it.

    I'd go
    1)Forest plane assets
    2)handplane model
    3)c4 suitcase
    4)The order HP models
    5)Homefront and/or tanks
    6)carnie cart

    1 - the plane shows your environment skills. I'm not really sold on showing the rest of the forest stuff as it is currently presented. The tiling rock looks great on the material ball but I'd love to see it on assets in the environment. The bark texture cand be presented much better. The hp could use a different material? And the tree seems to be in really harsh lighting (the white BG isn't doing it any favors.

    2-3 to really show off your prop skills, solid texturing, and material definition within an asset.

    4 - the order hp assets are phenomenal! But since it is only hp I put em a bit lower. Personal preference maybe but I'd weight full workflow assets up higher.

    5-6 may be older, but still look great!

    I think you can work a bit more formatting and color into your about page to really get across the games you've worked on. You have both the logos and the game names. I would go with one or the other. If you do just the text list, consider having the game name first left aligned, with a color to make it pop. If you stay with the logos, I'd move handplane and 3d motive to a diffferent category, and use a vertical list of the logos? Its just a little awkward currently in the 3x5 grid.

    Overall you've got a really solid portfolio of work here mang!
  • Stromberg90
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    Stromberg90 polycounter lvl 7
    Good points Lucas got, some of mine might include what he has already mentioned.

    I like the grid layout you got on your current page, might fit better than a single page one, since you got so much content to show(even if a lot get's removed).

    I'll rather list what I think you should keep.

    1. The Carnival Trailer, I just really love the texture work on that thing, specifically the paint.

    2. Tribes Ascend, cause it's good.

    3. The Order, I think that should be split into a grid view, almost a bit tiring to scroll trough it all, but so much good stuff there.

    4. Homefront, although some things look a bit outdated, I like it.
    If you still have the assets maybe relight them and take new screenshots in say toolbag2 or unreal, giving them a more up to date look.

    5. The Forest, probably good to have there, there are some shots that have the UI in them, would be nice seeing them without the UI.

    You could consider moving handplane and the two 3DMotive tutorials to another page/section, since I feel their are mostly there to show of the products and not how good of an artist you are.

    As for the website itself, I did a little mockup.
    What I did was, changed the background color(on the sides) to match the content color, right now it's pitch black.
    About seemed a bit randomly placed.
    A bit of color maybe.
  • AlecMoody
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    AlecMoody polycounter
    Thanks for the feedback. Here is an edit of my site as a gridded page. I reduced it to a 3x3 grid:

    Part of me still thinks I should go to a much smaller set of images. If I had to pick 20 images and have them on one page. I guess I will try that as an exercise.
  • AlecMoody
  • Stromberg90
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    Stromberg90 polycounter lvl 7
    I like the 3x3 grid the best.
    The one page thing could work if you made it into 2 images in the width.
    I think it's difficult to get an overview. And also having to scroll down to see the whole image I think is a disadvantage.
    I would remove borderlands 2, since it's "just" a highpoly of a handgun.
  • Grumpntug
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    Grumpntug polycounter lvl 6
    Personally more a fan of a grid of pieces > click on one > go to a page that is similar to your one page layout > click back when I'm done.

    I think the one page is fine too though. I don't really have THAT strong an opinion on either layout style but if you are going with the single page; I actually feel the large images are a bit too large.

    Images like your chair from the order are so large I can't take in the piece as a whole and the same vibe kind of happens through each piece.

    Personally, I would scale down the images so they are a bit easier to take in one at a time.
  • AlecMoody
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    AlecMoody polycounter
    I made a bunch of changes based on the feedback. I have a portfolio piece in the works and when that is ready I will be merging the 3dmotive briefcase into the Bradley and keeping the 3x3 grid.

    I also think the handplane sample model materials are not my best. There is some new handplane stuff coming soon so I will be able to replace it then.

    Lastly, I have another small business messing around with carbon fiber for my auto-x car. I almost feel like this could be integrated into the portfolio somehow, for some jobs it seems at least a little bit relevant. Thoughts?
  • Stromberg90
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    Stromberg90 polycounter lvl 7
    Looking a lot better, new handplace stuff and a portfolio piece, now that's interesting :)

    I also think having that mazda intake article/breakdown would be nice to have.
    I don't know where it would make sense to have it though, on the front page or somewhere else.

    I have to say your about page looks a bit messy, some of the text is cut of for example "devel-oping" and such, so I did a mockup.
  • pior
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    pior polycount lvl 666
    In the shipped games section mockup above, most recent should be on top. You want people to know about your work on The Order over Nascar2003.

    Good luck for the portfolio editing ! It can be a bit of an overwhelming/annoying task to tackle, but the outcome will definitely be positive. Can't wait to see what will come out of it !
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