The Monthly HANDPAINT ArtJam | July & August 2015

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Welcome to the Monthly Handpaint Art Jam !

Noobs and Character Artists can have their challenge, so do we! However we've decide on keeping it simple and friendly, and instead of making it a challenge, we're making it an Art Jam. A place where Handpainter can exchange technique, critique and tricks.

We welcome any cartoon concept artist that would like to join us too !
Each month we'll provide a thematic , it could be large or it could be stricter. There will be 3 categories: Props, character and environment. You're welcome to enter them all if you want ! You can also enter in the same category more than once. We also encourage tiling texture in the "props category"
  • There's no restriction on the software or technique you use. You're a free to use brush and bake map. Our goal here is to get better and share workflow. We won't accept any war between oldschool and newschool and what is handpaint.
  • The use of photo is strictly forbidden.
  • The use of heavily photobash brush is also forbidden. Remember the goal here is to PAINT.
  • The final output should only use diffuse, alpha and glow map. No Normal, spec or bump is allowed on the model itself. However using those map as a base for your painting is allowed.
  • This is an Art jam so don't use existing stuff, there's no point in it. Re-using asset is tolerate to a certain point, use your good sense.
  • Everything have to be your work, no stealing. Collab are allowed as long as your teammates are part of polycount !
  • You have to post WIP of your work, the main goal of this, is to learn, so no final product only.
  • We encourage you to post your texture map as well as the model
  • If you participate, you have to post at least a critique on someone else work.

Ah summer, this time of the year where you either in a crunch time, away on vacation with your loved one or just too lazy to do anything except laying in a sunchair, so this artjam is going to be double month theme so you have all the time to enter! And our theme will be... The Sea, Under the sea, Over the sea, On the sea, Near The Sea, Whatever that makes you think of the sea is fine !

This theme is super free you can do mostly anything but here's some example if you find yourself in lack of ideas !

A pirate, a mermaid, a kraken, a fishman, a rich dude on his yacht with his sexy lady, a big dude at the beach, a crab, etc.
Boats, island, beach, coat, etc
a fish net, a trident, an icecream, a beach towel, an umbrella, etc.
Join our Skype community group by adding me to your skype: LadyOdow . Please mention that you're from polycount or I will not accept you

Check out everything you need to know about color and light on our tips board
Check out final submission on our submission Pinterest Board !

Even if those months are over you can still participate in them ! :)

- March 2015 [ Ireland ]
- April 2015 [ Easter Fantasy, The RPG ]
- May 2015 [ Space Garden ]
- June 2015 [ The Carnival ]


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