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Stosh polycounter lvl 4
I'm in the process of reworking/changing my portfolio website and wanted to get opinions and thoughts on what are the "best" websites to use to display your work? I've already used webflow and it was....ok. I've heard of other people using wordpress, carbonmade, and others that I can't think of right now. I know a lot of it can depend on what your field of study/work is in. So I was hoping to not only get opinions on what is just the best for me, but open up discussion on all fields of our craft and what would be some of the most recommended site builders. Eventually if this builds up, I can edit this first post into a database of site builders for future polycounters to reference from. Unless of course there already is one and I'm completely blind :poly127:

Anyway, for example I'm an environment/prop artist. I've liked the portfolio sites that have large panels you can click on for each project and then it directs you to a page for said project. Simple and effective to me. I know this could still work for possibly any of the site builders, but what do you think would work best?


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