UE4 Cloud dome substance textures (emissive and opacity) problem

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hmm_rock polycounter lvl 5
I made a simple cloud cover texture in substance designer with an emissive for the cloud rim lighting/ backlight and an opacity for the more sparse areas. (Please let me know if I'm going about this the wrong way! Basically trying to get a stormy sky in UE4).

My emissive issue seems to be stemming from the sampler type? I'm not sure, the preview of the texture is the right value, but as you can see in the editor its about 50% too light. It's set to linear grayscale which seems to be lightening it overall.

I think my opacity problem is from using the wrong blend mode? Masked is too choppy and translucent is too, well, translucent. (I turned the skybox clouds pink so that you could see they are showing through pretty aggressively, though the opacity mask is mostly white)

I've been playing around with it for a while/ trying to google the issue, but I'd appreciate any help!


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