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[UE4] Abandoned Asylum Ahs

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Hey Guys,

Thought it was finally time to make a thread for this thing as I am probably at a stage where I would appreciate feedback and critique. The project is a about 65% ish complete. So still a fair bit to do. My original concept was based around a few images I found online of some abandoned asylum and developed from there with the attempt to add something a bit more realistic to my portfolio as I tend to stick to my comfort zone of making Sci-fi projects :)

Here is some of the original reference mood board. I have 3 main areas so far, an office, entrance hall and hallway. Was originally planning on doing a bathroom but decided to cut it because it was too much work.

I am also influenced by the tv show american horror stories so I am going to put a few cameos in from the tv show just for fun. As mentioned I wanted to go for something realistic but also really push myself and make the quality of the project as good as possible. I wanted it to be the sort of style of the Last of us with materials similar to the Order.

All of the material work and props are done using Substance Designer and Painter btw


Here are some shots of the scene how it stands at the moment




Few Shots of the Materials, still working on these




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