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ok I´m in.eheheh
I´ll put more details tomorrow... to late already.
Here just some screens I´ll work with my game in progress TOYARTWAR.





  • ThePoetTrees
    Terrific to see somebody else working on projects for younger people... This niche can be so fun and imaginative! ... and so rewarding if you manage to survive the tricky tight-rope between fun and educational!

    What software are you using?
  • Alemar
    Sorry my delay Bleetz!
    I´m using 3DCoat to modeling and Game Guru engine for the game.These screens are from the engine.I ll post more ...
  • Alemar
    Toy Art War is a war between races, nations and planets in the Galaxy of ToYcon.

    This huge war there is the Big Hat legend.
    BigHatBoy is chosen by being the Big Hat to end this conflict, facing Lord Of Bones hats who want to own the Big Hat and its powers and dominate the Galaxy.

  • Alemar
    I'm doing a series of TOYARTWAR game levels and what I will do here is 3a4 scenes that are at the entrance of the current TOYARTWAR game stage, which is the battle of the Cylinder Hat Head against the Beekeeper Hats Head, which has been produced with the Guru Engine.
    So I'm exporting various models that I have prepared for the game to IClone and using 3D xchange 6 and also go on sale in GameGuru the marketplace as well as in the Reallusion (finally), which will serve as models to build scenarios.
  • Alemar
    already have more or less the idea of threads and am preparing the scenes

    the first will be this one I have already mounted IClone for a long time ... I am developing the dialogue yet, but the idea the Lord tells Duke that the head beekeeper approach the totem fields and should be prevented to fail any of the 7 papertoy keys that the changeover to the vinyl Valley, where this going Bhb that will fall into their trap

  • Alemar
    The Duke then calls his killers head Cylinder Hat to decimate the Beekeeper Hat guys.

  • Alemar
    the Beekeeper hats preparing to fight the Cylinder Head Hats...

  • Alemar
    I want to try to make an interesting passage between game and cutscenes with iclone and go ahead with more characters and scenarios.

    yet do not intend to make any phase of the game using the BigHatBoy, then the characters will always be opponents and

    but everything has q have exaggerated mood and well cartoon, I mix different toyarts the scenes as well.

    but I'm all set and everything will evolve more and surely will change ... follow.

    Some scenes in game already, inside the engine...

  • Alemar
    " Lovely!
    Terrific to see somebody else working on projects for younger people... This niche can be so fun and imaginative! ... and so rewarding if you manage to survive the tricky tight-rope between fun and educational! "

    Bleetz commented more ... I don´t believe this is educational...kkkk toyart are crip and funny things to collect for mature and younger people also, but I don´t think this is educational.
  • Alemar
    I´m still working hard! I think I finished the first animation part. Use a technique that is nice for my kind of cartoon characters. I make the face animation separated in a 2D application and after that, I maping the videos in a plane ( Lord ) or in all character ( caveirinhas ) IClone can handle many sequences in timeline.

  • Alemar
  • Alemar

  • animagical
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    animagical triangle
    Amazing work! I've always liked your unique characters, which remind me of modern art.

    I'm finally catching up with work of other contestants (to busy finishing my own entry) and yours is another and totally different example of what can be done with iClone.
  • Alemar
    animagical thank you to appreciate my art. Yes , I always try do my work be criative and new. My nspiration always are art and I try to see things based in rules from artists out of digital era... the most important : creativity , and always a search for something unique , that people can recognize that those peace is a work from me.You have a lot to,learn conceptualy with them... I can't understand the looking for realistc and photo graphic things that people looking for today... this search just turn a lot of works looking the same thing, in my point of view ... IClone always help me with this, because I can be far from complicated and techinical things , that not help an artist that work alone and look for expressiviness and creativity. Along the years that we follow the IClone development ,when I could see RL open the tools to import things and not just customize, I have each day more sure that I took a good decision when I decided incorporate IClone like one of the most important tool in my toolset .
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