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How to get rid of tri's on organic models?

So trying to use muticut to add the muscle shapes i've ended up with tri's but can never work out how to get rid of tri's :(

If I collapse an edge the tri disappears but the next quad along becomes a tri.
If I cut a tri in half all I get is a 2nd tri.

Maybe getting rid of the tri's is something for later and I shouldn't be doing it now since theres more muscles to add the flow of :S

I'm not good at working out these types of problems as i'm the type to do stuff right from the start rather than do stuff wrong and then make it more wrong and then make it right which seems to be how modeling works.

My mind just can't see multi cutting in ngons and tris that shouldn't be there as helping and work out how they help.


  • PyrZern
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    PyrZern polycounter lvl 9
    .... Would these help you ??

  • peteed1985
    PyrZern wrote: »
    .... Would these help you ??

    Not really :S I took a long look at those and I think my brain dribbled out my ear, grew legs and ran away screaming.

    Can't make heads or tails of it and how that could help me get rid of the tri's I currently have, especially without totally screwing what I currently have in shape and face loops and the rest.
  • WarrenM
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    WarrenM Polycount Sponsor
    With respect, ask yourself if you NEED to get rid of them. I've seen a lot of people fret over an all-quad mesh and other such things for no reason other than, "I heard you had to do that". If the triangles aren't hurting you, is it worth the time to weed them out?

    If they are then, well, you have some work ahead. :)
  • Der Hollander
    In addition to WarrenM's thoughts, I'd also like to point out that depending on your final application, having tris actually helps more with certain areas by adding more natural pinches.

    Good examples might be the corners of the lips, the indentation where the front and rear deltoids meet over the humerus, back of the knee, etc. Also, since every model, without exception, is triangulated at render time, it's really more just about using geo cuts where you need them, rather than making something with perfect, clean uniform quads.
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