Ovir - TMNT Inspired

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DavidCruz polycounter lvl 6
My Concept:

The Refs:

The Stages:
Zspheres to stage 1




Hi, this is for the challenge over at GA, since they usually have monthly comps.
This is a humanoid Oviraptor as per the reference links, I call him Ovir.

C&C Welcome I am rigging him today with biped for a final pose but thought I'd toss him here for any C&C.



  • lotet
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    lotet quad damage
    mostly crits on the textures. they are basically flat colors, no hue or value shifts, no material definition, things are mostly just colored differently.

    what style are you going for btw? right now its looks like dota 2 or modern handpainted.
  • DavidCruz
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    DavidCruz polycounter lvl 6
    Thanks a lot lotet that critic helped me a ton I plum forgot about that, been a while. :)

    Well I went ahead and use that gradient texture plug in tech forums added that and enhanced as much as I thought was needed helpfully it looks better. I also did that to the concept I almost posted it without the values when i was done with it to get started on the model.


    Any who this is the pose I decided to go with for the beauty final and I really like it, 2nd pose i draw up. It is a flying karate kick while holding the sword and throwing ninja stars in-case the other one I posted in what are you working on thread didn't show that off. :)

    Enjoy & any more C&c if anyone see's anything.

    Oh and here is the tri limit and wires:

    And to answer your question yes my goal was dota2 hand painted mix :) glad you caught it.

    I finalized it at GA here:

    But that doesn't mean i still can't fix anything currently bothering anyone. I try to make awesome but there are too many awesomer
    (i know not a word)
    ppl =( so my stuff looks less awesome but I make due with what I got when I can.:)

    Had an absolute blast and think I might just continue making my own characters, seems I have more understanding about the overall character if it is mine.

    Anyway please comment about anything that bugs you, lotet thanks again that was a really big help, I appreciate it.:thumbup::thumbup:
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