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Hey there everyone! I am a long time reader of Polycount, this is my fist post on the forums however. So I am a HUGE Star Wars nerd like so many others, and I have wanted to do some Star Wars art for a long time, but just never seemed to find an appropriate time to dive into a Star Wars themed project. Well, with Force Awakens coming at the end of the year, and just general Star Wars Mania going on inside my head, I stopped playing Diablo 3 and World of Tanks on my lunch breaks and started doing something productive, i.e. started my first ever Star Wars project. So my goal is to build out the Mos Eisley Docking Bay 94, with the Falcon sitting in it and a small part of the surrounding city ( maybe even the Cantina if my limited attention span holds out ) and Drop the whole thing into UE4 so you can run around in it. ( I was originally thinking about using Crytek instead of UE4 since I am more familiar with it, but ultimatly I think UE4 is prettier, especially the lighting, than Crytek )

Film Reference of Mos Eisley:

So I am doing this Pretty high resolution, on-screen poly counts will be right around 2 million give or take 100K or so. As long as I can keep the draw calls down, the poly counts don't worry me too much, especially since I will be running the scene on a Titan Black, or maybe a Titan / Titan Black SLI combo if I want higher frame rate. SO I have started with building the Falcon and it is coming along, slower than I would like since I only get lunch breaks during the week to work on it, but it is progressing non-the-less. I am just hoping that my attention span holds up long enough to finish it. I am trying to have this done by the end of the year when the movie comes out. For the Falcon itself, I am shooting for right around 500K tris for my poly budget. I will continue to post as progress continues. Critiques are always welcom, thanks!



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