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[PAID] UI Artist / Designer Needed

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UX / UI Artist Needed

We're building a game for which we need a clean, well made UI. The game is already in alpha and so has menus in it but they are all developer art. We need someone to come in and create new artwork to spruce them up and help make design and layout decisions within the bounds of the current system's capabilities.


The game consists of about 8-10 different scenes each with their own unique set of features, icons and purpose.

The Look

The UI will be everywhere, however the most important scene in the game will be the battle arenas. Here's a post showing what those are going to be / look like: battleschool.watermintstudios.com/blog/index.php/2015/05/battleschool-whats-it-going-to-look-like/

The UI should be different enough from this scene so the UI is easily distinguished from the gameplay. Here are some UIs we've looked at that have caught our eye:

http://nangeyi.com/?p=146 (I know this is a UI for a weather app on a phone and although I'm not a fan of the skeuomorphic, I did like the icons a lot.)


The game will be in Unity 5. It's fine if you haven't worked with Unity before as long as you are willing to work through any learning / growing pains learning a new engine.

Relaxed Environment

We're really easy going and easy to work with and only want to bring on other people that are as well. We don't apply deadlines to you, we'll work out a timeline we're both happy with before we sign anything and that will be the timeline we expect the work done in.

We want to work with people willing to rework and change things that don't look right or won't work stylistically. Please only PM us if you're easy to work with and are more interested in getting it right, than getting through it.

More about the game:


More about us:


Please note, the site does mention revenue sharing as a form of payment, however this post is an advertisement for a cash-paying position. Not strictly revenue sharing. So as to keep this as clear as possible. We are paying cash for milestones met and we're also giving most of our employees revenue sharing as well.


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