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Warmonger Set

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zombojoe polycounter lvl 4
Hi, my friend crush and I have been working on this chivalry item set for the past month or so and we've finally placed it on the workshop.

We are both fairly new at this but extremely motivated.




  • JO420
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    JO420 polycounter lvl 14
    Hey guys,lovely to hear you guys are getting into making these weapons. Compared to previous efforts,you can see improvement,so big thumbs up. I especially love the pole axe,that looks ace.

    A little feedback for either these weapons or future weapons and helmets.

    - You should optimize both of the swords and the helmets. At present the pole axe is 5204 tris and the 5054 tris. Torn Banner has a limit of 5000 tris and it would be a shame if you guys were overlooked due to technical issues.

    - same for the helmets, one is 1585 and 1792, and Torn Banner's limit is 1200 tris. Perhaps post some wires and we can see where to optimize best.

    - Thirdly if you want to recommit it to the workshop is not a problem, as long as on the uploader you choosr the weapon name and your zip file is named exactly the same as previous,it should upload and overwrite the previous. in case you dont want to re commit it to the workshop and lose your votes and comments.

    - Your Agatha Knight helmets are nicely built, but they lack a little more material variation to give the weapon contrast. At present the helmets details are lost a bit since the material on the helmets is consistent through out. You can solve this by either adding a different material,like gold or brass on certain parts. If you want to keep it a sort color,small physical details added,like a ridge on the visor can help as well.

    I did a small paint over to give you an idea what I mean.


    - Something small that can help with separation,are subtle edge highlights. To imply a small bit of light or a small bit of wear on the edges. Its one of those things that if down subtly,you wont see on the weapon and helmet that much,because the master weapon mate tends to lessen the impace of those highlights, but it does help a bit with seperation.

    The Mason helmet has that material variety and it helps alot when it comes to seeing all of the nice details you put into it.

    Aside from that thumbs up from me,keep at it and you will become better.
  • zombojoe
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    zombojoe polycounter lvl 4
    Thanks for the valuable advice.

    We've talked to Torn Banner and they've said that as long as its not too high (i.e. 2000 tris) it should be fine for helmets, its just a rough approximation. I couldn't really reduce the amount of polygons any further without significantly compromising the quality of the helmets.

    With the highlights I couldn't seem to get them to look good on the bascinet, the master materials are very hard to work with for some reason.

    Personally I've learned so much from working on this item set that making it was its own reward.
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