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    Hello Everyone...

    Hope everyone is good and waiting for result eagerly.
    We are in the process of developing our story further and will keep on sharing our work here on Polycount plateform.
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    Griffin is a very kind hearted and brave eagle. He was hit by a Python while trying to save his group leader Harpy.
    He tried his best and almost killed that Python to save Harpy. In his fight he lost his left leg and got injured on wings. He tried to fly and reach his cave but on the way he was hit by a tree and fell onto ground.
    He was rescued by three kids.
    After many trial and alteration with the help of Bio metrics and mechanical physics he was able to survive and fly high.
    Now Griffin can take a deep flight from his favorite place in the hills of Nainital(India), the water fall.
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    Congratulations...... all the winners...its a prize for all your hard work u put for these 2-3months for this competition.

    We are also very motivated by the most number of visitors for our work from this forum and will keep on trying to impress our audience in future.

    We are thankful for Polycount which provided us a good platform to showcase our work.
    We will definitely keep our eyes on this website and get motivated by the work of artists submission from all around the world.

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    Hello everyone,
    Hope all are good with their health.
    So we are back and back with Janmashtami Video.
    Lord Krishna is known as supreme power and origin of universe in Hindu mythology in India.
    He is the one who teaches the lesson of love, peace and prosperity.
    He is the one who taught Arjuna to pick arms to fight for justice even against his cuisines.
    He is the one who tells people to do your work despite the fear of outcome.

    So the day is about to come when he was born after 7 kids were killed by his own Uncle(Mama).

    We will upload WIPs and videos soon...
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  • Prism Art
    Hello everyone,
    Hope everyone is good with their health.
    So here we are with our Janmashtami video.
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