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The Hat Factory: A Payload map for TF2

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Welcome to the Hat Factory

A remote and whimsical place where the Mann Company makes hats and places each in a crate to keep it safe and secure. The land and skies surrounding the factory are literally inspiration for many of the products in the store. You'll find many landforms and clouds that might just look like that wonderful bit of hat on your own head.

The Factory was built in 1952 around the Poco Falls. They still provide the Mann Co. with free testing and shipping of the boxed up hats made on site. Any crate that does not survive the trip down the falls and river is not considered a proper Mann Co crate.

The Blue mercs have been hired to push a bomb into the factory and detonate it at the base of the hat kilns. They have each been promised a fancy hat for the job. The Red team has been hired to protect the factory with a similar promise of a fancy hat.

Latest version: May 17th, 2015

Currently running at


  • r13
  • r13
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    r13 founder

    May 10th Version 34

    -Reorg of the last point.
    -new red spawn at last point
    -closed off a flanking tunnel at last point
    -detailed out the last point
    -sniper gift shop sign installed
    -a few more misc signs made and installed
    -polished up the rollback/forward zones for more consistent behavior
    -added detailing to the valley section
    -added the cartwash
    -repacked it so the bouncy crate will show up properly
    -reorg the container room, made simpler
    -the container room gates will close now, they will kill if you get in the way.
    -rebuilt the area under the last point as well. more detailed and flowing water!

    April 30th Version 33 [updated]
    posted a new path to the zip link as the previous one was busted but no one said anything...

    April 17th Version 33 [new screenshots uploaded]

    Major optimization pass. This drove most of the changes below as well:
    -Large change in the way the map is laid out: Changes to the sky volumes and the factory cliffs
    -Cart path changes: optimized the path entities as well as added in two more auto cart /roll forward areas. one after each cap.
    -The container room was rebuilt, loosened up and added the proper gates that close when you get to the kilns.
    -The valley area was polished up.
    -Several small rooms and hallways have been closed off to streamline the areas more.
    -The last blue spawn has been rebuilt reduce its size and complexity.
    -added dynamic signs to help with lost players in spots
    -added doors in spots that trigger on caps to keep people from wandering off into the factory too soon
    -added a crate grinder in a back hallway. When it eats a crate it burps fire. When it eats a player it burps fire. are crates people?
    -the first blue spawn's death pit will explode if a player or physics item falls into it.
    -Did a prop removal pass as well. Got rid of at least 50%-60% of the props at the moment. Didn't get much much in terms of frame rate from the effort tho.
    -Made a new bouncy toy for the blue spawn. It's a bouncy crate. You can beat the crap out of it while shouting incoherently about keys.

    March 21st, 2015 Version 32

    The first half of the map is generally more polished and finalized. I'm currently in the 'valley' area, around the 2nd point. I'm continuing the follow the payload path and polish it as I go around the map.
  • Eric Chadwick
    Oooh, I like this!
  • Eric Chadwick
    OOoh I like this prop.

    Not much to say about the map, I'm a bit of a TF2 noob. It looks great though, and the flow feels nice.

    Paths seem well indicated. No major glitches or stuck points.

    Some texture seams on walls, and some glitchy light maps, but you haven't polished yet.

    The 3d background might benefit from some more love. The lake surface seems kind of plain ATM. The skybox has a black seam in one corner.

    Overall looks and feels great!
  • Tvidotto
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    Tvidotto polycounter lvl 9
    hahaha, I loved that gift shop sign, looks amazing!

    going to download the map now =]
  • r13
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    r13 founder
    The skybox crack is because I dont have t-junctions on... there are reasons for it... but it'll get fixed when i get to it. :) i have to turn more of the brushes into models, its a pain.

    texture seams and light maps... yah thats will be my final pass. i fix them as i work on it in areas.

    Cant do much with the water in TF2 without making all new normals and what not. its background... new normals not in scope... ;)

    thank you tho, i'm still polishing it up... i feel i finally got the spaces right, now just have to tuck and pin all the lil bits now.
  • r13
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    r13 founder
    Since you guys were blown away by version 34, I decided to up the ante and put out version 35 already.

    May 17th Version 35

    - detailing of final point was started
    - trim pieces are so fun to make
    - built all the displacement meshes around the kiln areas
    - clipped some places that needed it. more need it but it'll come in time
    - rebuild the connecting stair room between the 2nd point and the container room
    - made more signs!
    - more ent work for the train
    - placed a lot of stains. stains are the center of tf2 design.
    - added some more wires.
    - gave the piano a single solitary light bulb to make it look like it means something
    - planted grass and weeds

    Latest version: May 17th, 2015
  • r13
  • r13
  • r13
  • r13
  • Eric Chadwick
    Found a possible glitch.

    This little area seems like it should be an instant death, but you can stand in the middle and not die. Moving towards the tree, you die.

    Also I wish this beam wasn't in this spot. It hinders quick flow past the top of the ramp. Maybe you could make it half as thick, and remove the collision.
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