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Sketch retopo!

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Sketch Retopo

Hi fellow polycounters!, I wanted to bring to your attention this amazing tool I just unearthed from a 3d research group page.


The tool it's called Sketch Retopo, developed by the engineering and research team from IGL (Interactive geometry lab) and based on a paper published in ACM SIGGRAPH 2013.

The tool it's currently in development and available for testing, research and non commercial usage according to their website.

I'm sharing the tool here as I think we could help by giving feedback to the developers of this awesome tool. And to have a taste of what the future of retopology holds for us 3d artists :D

Please visit www.youtube.com/channel/UC3u3rH_Srr59nFs1VQAaRVg
here you can see video demos of the tool.

The tool comes with the source code that can be built with visual studio and Cmake.
In the bin folder there are 32 and 64 executables ready to test.

Sketch-Based Generation and Editing of Quad Meshes



In our system, the user can create patches of quadrilaterals by simply sketching freeform curves, and furthermore control their topology by changing the number of edge subdivisions at the patch boundaries (a). On top of this concept, we propose several novel tools including spine sketching (b) and autocompletion (c) to make the process of sketching the curve network more efficient. Two professional artists using our system were able to create high-quality quad meshes very quickly (d).

Some of the slides that are available on the website.











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