RGCA Tomb Raider/ Lara Croft Andre Peisker

My name is Andre Peisker and I come from Germany.
Ahead...my English could be better,sorry :poly121::poly121:
About IClone i came to the Animation. I work for a while with IClone,because i work on my own film "Endless Space"
If you want you can watch what i'm doing.

So...and now about the competition :)
I decided me for Lara Croft, because i like the New Game very much!
Unfortunately is this the second Lara in this competition. But i think everyone works differently.So i hope it doesn't become boring.

I use:
1. DAZ
2. 3dxchange
3. Iclone 6

1.On the first picture you see how i make Lara Croft in DAZ. It is a Genesis 1 model without textures.


2.I morph the Genesismodel in DAZ until i satisfied.


3. Here you see the ready morph. Now comes the desired accessory ( Clothing, weapon etc. ) and the textures.


4. The Figure export in fbx with facekey to 3dxchange.



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