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RGCA - Half Life Revenge - Stefos

RGCA - Best Animation And Best Use Of Iclone – Half Life Revenge – stefos


Hi all, probably one of the most ground breaking games in FPS game history is Half Life, Half Life 1 and 2. In the Half Life community a strong wish is to see a Half Life 3 produced, I am not sure if that will happen but I have decided that I will be creating an animation on the Half Life theme.

Tools Used

iClone 6
3D Exchange
Daz Hexagon

Creation Of The Game Character


In this picture, you can see the process of changing an iClone standard character into the game character.


I wanted the character to look a little older than the Half Life character so I gave him a little grey hair and added a bump to his face which created an older face.


I created the top half of the suit in Daz Hexagon which is an old software, but it works for me, textured and imported the model to iClone using 3D Exchange.

I then gave the character a crowbar and bazooka as weapons. The weapons I had created in the past using Hexagon.


The character is now ready to be used in the animation. Please keep checking back for progress for the animation and video.

Stefos :poly121:

New Scene Being Created

Here below you can see some stills from the first scene, our hero has been rudely awakened, but by what.

An explosion wakes our hero, using physics and camera movements makes for a good explosion.



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