Need Help Making an Ocean Material in UE4

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Jack M. polycounter lvl 5
The past few days I've been working on an ocean shader. I have made some good progress, but I'm having difficulty adding everything I want such as foamy caps, waves running up on the shore, and fading colors based on depth.

Here's what I have so far:

- Displaced waves that become much smaller near the shore and larger further out from the shore
- Opacity fade from intersecting geometry
- Physically accurate refraction using a transparent shader model (settings taken straight from epic's documentation)
- Properly blended normals to create the waves (BlendAngleCorrectedNormals)

Here's what I would like to add:

- Foamy caps
- Waves running up onto the shore
- Fade of color and opacity of ocean floor based on depth of water

As always, any help is appreciated.

If you guys need to see the material network, let me know. I'll need to get permission to share but I don't think it would be a problem.



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