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Hi, haven't done much work in a while and I feel like I'm lagging behind a bit with some of the newer stuff that's come about. Haven't used UE4 or Substance at all, so thought I'd take a stab at an UE4/Substance environment.

Been reading some William Gibson stuff and he often has some cool far-flung religious stuff in there... My idea here is that people who are dying sit in a Matrix-style chair (just in front of the large tree), and are transferred into data centers that sit under the pillars. Beams of light (representing people) then go from the data centers, through the cables under the glass floor in the middle, go up the tree and to the end of the branches.

EDIT: Just realised that the top dome above the tree has some random polys cut in etc, please ignore those. This will have some pattern, but not what's current there (which was a super-considered "Select 25% of polys" D ).

I'm open to any crit on this and any suggestions are more than welcome. Everything is quite simple and what-not right now, and I'm not sure what the end-result will be like. I was thinking of having quite clean and large polys with some surface variation through the textures, such as these (I'll just give links cause these images are quite large). But also I don't want these scene to be noisey in that respect.


So yeah, summing up, main aims for this:
Learn UE4
Learn Substance
Not to be terrible
Start a new religion where people worship the data-tree.


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